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TelechargeOffers.com Services

Telecharge.com Services

Who is Telecharge?
Telecharge is a division of The Shubert Organization and the leading provider of ticketing services for Broadway and off-Broadway events. As the authorized agent for most Broadway shows, we have direct access to the best seats in the house. And unlike a reseller, we never mark-up the face amount or established price of the ticket; the only charges you pay above the established box office price are our service charges, which compare favorably to our competitors and are clearly disclosed on this site and during the purchasing process.

What shows do you list on your site?
We list all Broadway shows, many off-Broadway shows, and a variety of other events across the United States. If we don’t handle the ticketing for a Broadway show, we will link you to the site of the authorized ticket seller for that show.

What seats in the theatre are available from the website?
When shopping for tickets on Telecharge.com, you have access to all seats on public sale for the venue. We also give you access to pre-sales (e.g., sales to a limited group, such as American Express® Card Members) that take place before the public sale. Pre-sales and public onsales use the same pool of tickets that are sold by our phone agents and at the box office.

Who determines the ticket prices for a show or event?
Prices for tickets are generally determined by the producers of the show or event, in consultation with the venue operator, not by Telecharge. The prices are generally based on the type of event, venue, and seat locations.

What are the service charges?
Telecharge service charges vary by event, but for Broadway shows they are composed of a per ticket service fee and a per-order handling fee. In addition, there is a charge for certain methods of delivery (e.g., if you want the tickets mailed or sent to you by FedEx).  Generally, you can save a little money if you place your order online and print the ticket at home, rather than ordering by phone and having the ticket mailed to you. On Telecharge.com, you can compare the price of different delivery options and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why do I have to pay service charges?
As Telecharge’s principal revenue source, service charges and handling fees (including delivery charges) allow us to continue providing customers with fast and convenient access to tickets, as well as make a business profit. We strive to keep our fees reasonable and to deliver top-notch service. We use our revenue to provide customer service, informing you if events are canceled and promptly refunding your tickets, and to upgrade our technology to provide you with a constantly improving shopping experience.

What is the facility fee or theatre restoration charge?
The facility fee is a charge by the venue owner. We always disclose if there is a facility fee and the amount of the fee.

Can I check my order status on the website?
Yes. You can check your order status in one of two ways. If you created an account or signed into your existing account when you made your purchase then you can click "My Account" at the top of any page, log in with your user name and password, and see a list of your orders. Click on the order number to view the detailed order information. If you did not order using an account, then click on “Order Status” and enter your email address and order number (found in your confirmation email) to view the detailed order information. If you do not know your order number, please call Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835.

Do I have to have a Telecharge.com account to purchase tickets?
A Telecharge.com account is not required to make your purchase. Logging into a Telecharge.com account speeds up your purchase, by automatically filling in your saved contact and billing information. If you do not have an account, you may create one instantly while buying tickets by entering a password after you fill in your contact information. Your email address will be  your user name. You can then log into this account the next time you order tickets, or click "My Account" at the top of any page to view your orders.

Telecharge.com Technology

How does Telecharge.com protect my credit card information?
Telecharge.com uses Digital IDs from VeriSign, leaders in internet transaction security. We also comply with industry protocols, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, to protect your credit card information and prevent identity theft. All transactions are done over a secure network to help ensure that no one other than Telecharge.com can receive or read any information you provide to us.

Why do I have to retype the distorted word before I search for tickets?
The word verification allows the site to confirm that an actual customer is making a purchase, as opposed to an automated computer program. These programs slow down the system and often keep the best ticket inventory out of the hands of real customers.

What browser is necessary to purchase tickets on Telecharge.com?
Telecharge.com supports Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0; Firefox 3.6 and 4.0, and Safari. For the best experience on the site, you will also want the Silverlight browser plugin. If you don’t have it, the site will give you the opportunity to install it. If you prefer not to download new versions of these programs, you can always call us to order your tickets, at 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400.

Ticket and Seating Availability

I have looked on your website, and I can’t find the show I am interested in seeing. Are there tickets available?
We list every show playing on Broadway, all of the Off-Broadway shows for which we sell tickets, and a number of other events across the country. If a show or event is not listed, it may have already closed or has not yet gone on sale.

I found the show I want to see, but I can’t find tickets for the dates I want to see it. Are there tickets available?
If you are looking to buy tickets for a performance in the very near future, the performance may be sold out. You should try searching for available seats for a later performance, especially on a weekday. If you are looking for tickets for a performance date far in advance, that performance may not be on sale yet. Shows generally only sell tickets for a few months into the future, although it varies by show. You can search for tickets on another performance date or check back later to see if tickets for your preferred date have been put on sale.

Where can I get seating maps for a venue?
Telecharge.com offers seating maps for many of its venues. You can access a map for a specific venue by clicking on the title of an event playing at that venue, and then clicking on the "Seating Chart" tab. The seating maps display in both three dimensions and two dimensions. To view the three-dimensional seating chart, you will need to have the Silverlight plugin installed.

How do I find out about accessibility for audience members with disabilities?
On our website, we include accessibility information for every theatre. Please click on the title of any show you are interested in and click on the Access Information tab. This area will also provide you with specific phone numbers to call for each show if you have special seating requests. You can also order special seating for patrons in wheelchairs and patrons who need to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat.

Ordering Tickets

Can I choose my seat locations when I am buying tickets? What does "best available" mean?
When searching for tickets, you are able to choose the area of the venue where you would like to sit. If there are seats available in your chosen section, the ticketing system will choose what it considers the best seat location in that section.

How can I see where I will be sitting?
For some events, you will be able to view all the available seats in the seating area you have selected. You may look for different seats at the same performance or seats at a different performance. Once you look for different seats, you will lose your original seat request. You may be able to retrieve them later, if they are still available. If the website cannot offer you seats in your desired section, that means there were none available in that section.

Why do I have to enter my email address and phone number when I order tickets?
We request that users enter their email address so that we can send an order confirmation for each ticket purchase. In addition, we use the phone number and email address to get in touch with users in the case an event is canceled or a show closes before the performance date.

Can I add tickets to or remove tickets from a completed ticket order?
If you have not yet completed your transaction, you can click on the Change Order link on the upper right of the checkout pages and increase or decrease the number of tickets you are requesting. Note that if you choose to do this, you may not get the seat locations you had before. Tickets are nonrefundable, so once you have completed your order, you cannot return any of the tickets. If you would like additional tickets, you will need to purchase them separately. We cannot guarantee that they will be next to (or near) the seat locations already purchased.

Can I use two different credit cards on my order?
We cannot separate one ticket order into multiple credit card payments. However, you can use a Telecharge Gift Card and a credit card in combination.

I received a discount offer for a show. Can I order those discounted tickets on your website?
Special promotions and discount ticket offers for the shows listed on this site can be redeemed at BroadwayOffers.com, by phone (at the phone number included in the offer), or at the box office for that show or event.

Can I send a ticket purchase request by email?
For security purposes, we do not accept ticket requests by email. Please purchase tickets online or call 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400 to order tickets.

I am attending the theatre with a group; is there a group discount available?
Telecharge Group Sales has ticket information and availability for larger groups, as well as discounts for some shows. Group minimums are decided by each production and vary by show. Click here to visit Telecharge Group Sales or call 212-239-6262 or 800-432-7780.

How can I purchase tickets offline?
You can purchase tickets by phone from Telecharge at 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400. You can also purchase tickets at the box office of the venue for your event. Telecharge has the same tickets online and by phone as the box office.

Ticket Delivery

How will I get my tickets once I have placed my order?
Depending on how far in advance you place your order, we offer up to four delivery options: U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, E-Tickets, and box office hold. You can choose the option that is most convenient for you after you enter payment information. We do not ship to international addresses. If you live outside the U.S., you may pick up your tickets at the box office or choose E-Tickets where available.

Can I have my tickets sent to an address other than my billing address?
Tickets must be mailed to the customer’s billing address. If you do not want your tickets mailed to your billing address, choose to have your tickets emailed or held at the box office, where they can be picked up any time, including when you arrive at the venue for the event.

I ordered tickets but have not received them. What should I do?
It can take up to ten days for the U.S. Postal service to deliver tickets. Incorrect billing or shipping information can slow down ticket processing and delivery. For information about your selected delivery method, please check your Telecharge confirmation email or look up your order on this site. If you have chosen to pick up your tickets at the box office, nothing will be mailed to you. If you think your tickets may have gotten lost, please call Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835.

I requested my tickets for "Box Office Hold" delivery. How do I get them?
Box Office Hold tickets may be picked up at the box office for the event you are attending. This is usually the most convenient option if you do not live in the U.S. or if you are purchasing tickets for an event within the next week. In most cases, you can pick up your tickets anytime beginning 24 hours after you make your purchase, up until the day of the show. Check for any restrictions under the Box Office information in the "Getting Tickets" section of your event. Be sure to bring the credit card you used to purchase the tickets, and photo identification. You will need them to pick up your tickets at the box office.

I did not receive a receipt with my tickets; what should I do?
If your tickets were delivered via U.S. Postal Service or FedEx, a receipt should have been mailed with your tickets. However, if the receipt was not included, please email us at tickets@telecharge.com, and include your email address, fax number or mailing address. You may also call Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835. We will be able to fax or mail you another receipt.

My tickets were lost or stolen; what should I do?
Please call Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835.

Purchasing Errors and Changes

I haven’t received a confirmation email for an order I placed. What should I do?
You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order on Telecharge.com. If you have not received your confirmation, visit Telecharge.com to look up your order and view the order details. You can also email tickets@telecharge.com and provide your name, billing address, event name, and confirmation number (found on the confirmation screen after you completed your purchase). If you prefer, call Telecharge Customer Service to confirm your tickets at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835.

The website says I have entered my credit card number incorrectly. What should I do?
For a small number of international credit cards, neither the website nor the phone ticket system can process the transaction. Please check to confirm that you have entered the number correctly and resubmit your purchase request. If the site still does not accept the card, please try another card.

I received my confirmation email and the mailing address for the tickets is incorrect. What should I do?
If your address is incorrect, please contact Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835, so we can correct the error.

I purchased tickets for a show that closed before the performance I chose. What should I do?
When a show closes, we generally contact all the customers by phone, email, or mail with information about the schedule change. In most cases, orders for canceled performances will be refunded automatically. You may also email tickets@telecharge.com and include your name, billing address, event name, and confirmation number, or call Telecharge Customer Service at 212-239-6210 or 800-543-4835. If you have the tickets in your possession, you will have to mail them back to us to complete your refund. 

How can I cancel my ticket order?
Ticket sales are nonrefundable. If you have completed your order, entered your purchase information, and had the order confirmed, you may not cancel the order or return your tickets. If you have not yet entered your payment information, you can abandon your order at any time, and you will not be charged for the tickets.

Theatre Etiquette

Can I use my phone at the show?
Phones must be turned off during the performance, but you may be able to take pictures and share your experience before and after the show, and at intermission. Many theatres offer free WIFI, and shows have great ways to share social content and be a part of the conversation.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into the theatre?
Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the theatre, unless medically necessary.

What other information should I be aware of?
Due to heightened security, please avoid bringing packages, luggage, backpacks, etc. to the theatre. All packages are subject to inspection and must be checked. There may be a charge for each checked package.

No weapons permitted on the premises.

All patrons must have a ticket to enter the theatre. Please have your ticket available for inspection at all times. Your cooperation is appreciated. Children under the age of four will not be admitted.

The use of cameras, cell phones, and other recording devices inside the theatre is strictly prohibited by law.

Disability Policies

Policies pertaining to patrons with disabilities varies by venue. Each event’s page contains information on that venue's accessibility for patrons in wheelchairs and how to buy tickets if you have visual or mobility impairment. Click on the "Access Information" link, located beneath the show’s logo.

Most venues have accessible locations designated for patrons who use wheelchairs. There are also wheelchair transfer seats with folding armrests available.

Depending on the venue, wheelchair accessible locations may be half price, or there may be locations available at both the regular Orchestra and lowest seat price for the attraction. Purchase a wheelchair accessible location if you intend to remain in your wheelchair during the performance, since the seat in that location will be removed. If you wish to transfer from a wheelchair, request a transfer seat.

Customers can purchase wheelchair seating and transfer arm seating online for select events. Just click on the “Advanced Find” button and select the event you would like to see. If that event offers wheelchair seating and transfer arm seating for purchase online, you will see a blue wheelchair icon, which you can click to purchase those seats.

For all events, please call our Access Services department at 212-239-6222 or 800-872-8997 for more information and to purchase tickets.